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One thing led to another and literally from out of the dust of life, Out of the Dust Rentals was born. Here we are today bringing you 30 one of a kind wood table tops, eclectic and vintage furniture, vases, containers, and table decor. We also have brass and silver treasures, mismatched vintage china, props, and draping—everything you need for creative styling and design.

Read more about us and our story, below.
BROWSE through our inventory and let’s work together to make your event as special and unique as you are.

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The Event That Started It All, My Daughter’s Wedding


Read More About Our Story:

Hi there! I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m Angela, the founder of Out of the Dust. I KNOW that you came to the right place for your rentals, but you may want to know some facts about me and a little bit about how we came to be

Out of the Dust Rentals. So, here’s our story.

I live on a dirt road and I love to look at the mountains and sunsets from my backyard. A little coffee with my cream and Jesus are my things in the morning. Well, ok. I have to admit, Instagram too!

On Sundays though, my favorite things are church and bunching with my tribe. I’m shameless to dumpster dive for a good DIY project. Around here at Out of the Dust I’m surrendered by all kinds of DIYs. Come to think of it, my whole life has been a DIY project.

My creative journey began way back in Communist Romania (where I was born and raised). After coming to America when I was 20 years old, in 1984 (dang, that’s a long time ago), my creativity turned toward being a wife and mother. My dreams and purpose revolved around my faith, family, and my new country. I absolutely loved it! I spent time sewing, painting, cleaning, organizing, planning, decorating, designing, and everything in between. As if that was not enough to keep me busy, I pursued a passion and cared for the elderly. They still have a soft spot in my heart and always will. In a flash of an eye, my daughter and twin boys (who kept me on my toes and constantly pushed me creatively) were grown. Without me knowing it, life was about to take another turn and big changes were about to ensue—some good and some not so much. The twins were graduating high school, our daughter was engaged to be married, and amongst that craziness, my husband was laid off from his job—did I mention I turned 50 right around this time? Yeah, the silver hair started to rule. Talk about milestones! But, during this stressful and exciting moment in life, Out of the Dust came to be.

From Out of the Dust, literally, (remember we live on a dirt road) it all started—I took my creativity and planning skills, my husband’s ability to build and fix just about anything, our daughter’s talent and design skills, and of course the twins muscle power, and we decided, as a family, to bring our daughter’s vision for her wedding to life. To make it beautiful and one-of-a-kind! That was the beginning of our rental and lifestyle company. Thus, we created and built our signature (patent pending) wood table tops. We collected, restored, and brought to new life the furniture and décor that was used during my daughter’s wedding. All of these special pieces truly made her wedding a one-of- a-kind and an absolutely beautiful event. To add the cherry on top, the guests and vendors were awestruck by the ingenuity of our wood table tops – it was then that we knew we were onto something. However, on the day of the event, we were just in euphoric happiness for our daughter and son-in-law and were ecstatic that the bride and groom’s dream and vision came true. What a sense of accomplishment! We did it!

Today, from Out of the Dust we create and bring to the “table”—style, without compromise, for any special event.

From our signature wood table tops to every little detail of décor, our goal is to bring our clients vision to life and make each event a beautiful one-of-a-kind experience. So, thank you for stopping by! I hope by reading a little about us you got to know us a bit. Take a moment and browse through our inventory, I hope you fall in love with our pieces and find what you’re envisioning for your special event or home. However, if you don’t see it here, remember, from Out of the Dust we can find it or build it for you.